Feeble February

The gloom and doom laden, leaden skies that have flatly refused to move for the last few days have this morning released an excuse for snow. It is as though even the harshest of weather does not have the energy or the desire to fulfil its role. Miserly flakes of snow-cum-sleet drift aimlessly toward the damp ground where they dissolve. Next month my birthday comes round and with it a weekend away with my partner in what should hopefully be more clement weather.

A few years ago we ended up in the beautiful city of Bath, which I would love to visit again.



Delirium of neo Classic;

Gothic arches, gated basements.

Reliefs with every human facet.

Pillared portals, braided casements

Rise to rooftops dressed with chimneys.

Shoe shops, gem shops, books and antiques;

Church chimes ringing from the belfries;

Restaurants, tea shops, arts and boutiques.

Every window filled with treasures,

Some to eat and some to wear,

City of a thousand pleasures

How I wish we were still there.



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