Only a Number

The classic phrase when it comes to discussing age, and especially old age, is ‘it’s only a number’. And I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.  Time is a contrivance to keep track of things. If the Earth took twice as long to orbit the Sun then I would only be half the age I am now. Conversely, if it went around its orbit twice as fast I would be (gulp) double my current age. Doesn’t bear thinking about. The reason I’m going on about this today is that, as you may have guessed, it’s my birthday. Given the time of year – the Spring Equinox – everything should be in perfect balance. However, in contrast to last week’s lovely warm sunshine, the weather has reverted to more wintry bluster and rain, which is I suppose some sort of balance. Yin Yang as it is said.

Looking at the symbols for this and the positivity of ‘complementary opposites’ my age (69) would seem to have a bright outlook. Certainly, if the rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday To You…’ from fellow members of my writing group this morning was anything to go by (and which startled other customers in the coffee shop), this should be a pretty good day in spite of the weather.


I played a game of tennis last week for the first time in about twenty years and was amazed that I could still return the ball over the net. More strenuous games involving running may not be as straightforward. The opportunity to wield a cricket bat in a competitive game may not present itself again, as I reflected in a poem posted a few years ago.

Playing for Time

 The pace of the games these seasons,

are much faster. I was a disaster,

painfully failing to fend off the fours.

Batting was just as bad, until a happy clatter

of stumps and Out! Polite applause,

but not quite sure of the reasons.


Let’s be honest, I’m a failure

and my best position is in the bar,

where I don anecdotal regalia.

A sage with time but no desire to declare

analysis of what has gone before.

I do not have to settle any scores,

but merely issue warnings and advice,

while the young must deal their cards and roll their dice.


© Wally Smith 2013





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