Irish By Write

I took a recent trip to Dublin, visiting Ireland for the first time in my life. Much to my shame I might add, since Ireland lies not that far away and I also have some Irish ancestry. I found the city of Dublin everything that anyone has ever said about the place. It is vibrant, friendly and the people have a spontaneity of spirit. Needless to say I visited a few of the pubs (there are apparently 1000 in the city), in order to sample the Guinness which it behoves any visitor to do.

Of the various sights in Dublin I was surprised to chance upon the Dublin Writers Museum which has been in existence since 1991. It is a fascinating place, being a large former Georgian residence and which now contains a wonderful collection of manuscripts, books and letters from the great names of Irish literature: Swift, Yeats, Shaw, Wilde and Beckett, amongst many others. Each one a genius.

Like a long-legged fly upon the stream,

              Their minds moved upon silence.     [W. B. Yeats]




2 thoughts on “Irish By Write

    • Yes, it can be expensive – especially drinks. But if you shop around and you use a good guide book such as Lonely Planet, you can find good budget places. Sightseeing is free though.

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