Dancing in the Street

It is to be expected in the more rural areas of England to find traditional events going on at some time or another. I was intrigued to see what the Day of Dance would be in the town where I moved to a few months ago. I was not disappointed by the spectacle which draws ‘teams’, if that is the correct word, of dancers from far and wide to perform through the town’s main thoroughfare. There is something comforting about the continuation of such traditions which is not so much a nostalgic feeling as a means of touching on history, and preserving a community spirit in a world that is rapidly losing that essential aspect of society.

Day of Dance

Day of Dance2

The Day of Dance has crowned the town

With all manner of dress and gowns

As gay and gaudy as the gardens.

The Morris is a must of course with clogs

And sticks and fiddle. The middle

Of the square, as all the teams of dancers

Prepare, where colours collide and mingle,

Is a mayhem of pagan pageant. No single

One stands out, as people sing and sounds

Resound throughout the town to celebrate

The birth of another Spring.




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