Writers’ Block or Blockage


Like most writers, I have suffered the ‘block’ in the past. That time when nothing emerges from the grey matter. Worse still, when midway through a poem, or story, or in my case a novel, there is the juddering halt in creative juices. My third novel remains unfinished with only the final few chapters required. I blame myself for leaving so many loose ends to tie up, or perhaps I could just cut them off. Nevertheless, my block gave me the inspiration to submit a poem to a triolet competition for which I was shortlisted.

Writer’s Block

It looks like I have writer’s block.

No words appear across this page.

I’m deafened by the ticking clock.

It looks like I have writer’s block.

And there is nothing to unlock

This feeling, even though I rage.

It looks like I have writer’s block.

No words appear across this page.


My problem is in trying to write too many different things at the same time. Submissions to competitions, plays and poems, with many efforts  abandoned mid way as I turn my attention to something else. Deadlines loom and I concentrate my efforts in another direction. Too many things on the go. Not just in terms of writing either. Moving to a rural part of the country, I wanted to immerse myself in lots of local activities and engage with the community. To date, as well as joining a local writing group, I have joined a tennis club, go to ballroom dancing classes, volunteer for a local charity and recently went to a reading with the local drama group. I did not get a part which is probably just as well, since rehearsals might well have put paid to any writing I might have been able to do.  All in all it’s writer’s blockage rather than block that is the problem.

Writer’s Blockage

I’m writing and fighting the constant urge

to write a different type of piece.

So many unfinished poems and drafts

now lurk in drawers and piles of files.

Copious notes remain forgotten,

scrawled in notebooks down in the bottom

of boxes. Should I try such different styles

of writing? Or is this the very craft

of penmanship, a unique niche

of which I might be on the verge?



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