Poetic Panic

A few months ago I agreed, much against my better judgement, to read a few poems at a county arts festival. This was to be on behalf of a local café poetry group that I have occasionally attended. I was particularly proud of the fact that I had been invited to attend this annual event and actually spout some of my poetry. Now that the date is drawing near (this weekend!) my confidence is ebbing away. This is the result of my trawling through scores of poems I have written over the years and not finding any that I consider worthy of reading in public. It’s one thing to have read out some of my efforts to a small group of fellow writers/poets, but a hall full of strangers is quite another matter.

Some poems that I considered in the past to have had merit, certainly enough to submit to competitions, I now view as bland, trite or self-indulgent. I am therefore in the process of re-visiting some of them with a view to improvement. This is an aspect of writing that I have commented on previously: recycling.  There is also the aspect of an approaching deadline, another topic I wrote about and how it is a great motivational factor for me. Well, we shall see.

I have yet to choose a handful of poems but will reproduce them here next week along with a report of how the event went.


Image result for john peel centre


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