Growth Industry

In March this year I wrote about my joy at having moved to a place that had a garden once more but then bemoaned the fact that I had forgotten in the intervening years just what amount of work was involved in keeping such an area up to scratch. Certainly the current place is big enough to keep me busy every day especially as Spring has brought everything into flower, and more especially armies of weeds.  Where do they all come from?  Maintaining the health of border plants, lovingly tended and watered, takes a lot of time and effort, whereas weeds just seem to thrive on neglect, popping up at will and in plentiful numbers, even in the driest of conditions. Even when trying to extract them, you realise when the long root snaps off below the soil that they will reappear in next to no time.

I resist the temptation to use weedkillers or other chemicals in the fight against these persistent interlopers, not least because of the danger to animals and birds and the environment in general. Anyhow, I am seeing the fruits, or more accurately the product, of my earlier trials. I spoke about purchasing seed potatoes in March and in recent weeks have dug the first of these, which have provided delicious additions to the salads we are now having in this hot weather. My success with these, however, will undoubtedly result in my having a crop in excess of what I can consume and will therefore be donating them to friends and colleagues. Nevertheless, for all my complaints about maintenance of the garden and battles with weeds, this has certainly encouraged me to plough on (pun intended!) with leeks, lettuce, and butternut squash.

This is a photo of my potato plants in flower.


Tubers produce fruits,

Subsoil nuggets to nurture.

Organic growing.



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