Shelf Life – Saving a local #library

I wrote a piece a short while ago about Writers’ Blockage, a state in which with too many projects on the go it is difficult to progress with any one of them. I recently overcame this hurdle and finally resumed a novella I’m writing which had reached a stop at 55,400 words. More than a year had passed since those last words were typed until yesterday, when I read the manuscript from the start again and found it quite good.  I even laughed loud at some humorous passages I had put in.  Having now seen where the plot had stalled, I was able to take a different tack and have since written over a thousand more words and now know exactly how the story will end.  It’s always worth going back to unfinished work and looking at it with fresh eyes. Needless to say I feel quite elated at the prospect of publishing another book. My last one, Shelf Life (available on Amazon) has not actually flown off the shelves, but my marketing flair was never that brilliant anyway.  I just enjoy writing.


When I eventually finish my current one, look out for Idle Times of a Failed Buddhist.


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