A Measure of Success

When I moved to this part of the country last September I had it in mind to involve myself in community activities as much as possible, but little did I know that I would end up performing Shakespeare in front of audiences in pub gardens and a castle.

Joining the amateur dramatic group Circle67, who are enjoying their fiftieth anniversary this year, has been a joy. When I attended the meeting for the reading of the summer season Shakespeare play, Measure for Measure, I had no idea that I would be taking part and performing outdoors in the summer evenings to appreciative audiences. Despite my role being small (two lines!), the involvement in rehearsals, the costumes, locations and the friendly members of the group have made the experience one I am eager to repeat.

Of all the locations, the ruins of the ancient castle in the town of Bungay has to be the most special for performing Shakespeare.

Bungay Castle

A lot of fun and teamwork makes the week long ‘tour’ the success it is, as indicated by the reaction and comments from the various audiences. I can’t wait to be a part of the next production which will be the winter pantomime, but hopefully not outdoors!


The cast waiting to go on ‘stage’ in the pub garden at Laxfield, Suffolk.


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