Starting with Steampunk

This first poem for the NaPoWriMo month of April ought to have been posted some hours ago, shortly after going to the Easter Sunday church service and lunch at a local hostelry.  However, that is when we met a couple of steampunk enthusiasts, dressed flamboyantly in a mix of retro styles relating in the main to the Victorian era.  The photo provides a good example and is of the German steampunk band Drachenflug.



[Photo: Drachenflug –  German Steampunk band]


A fantasy of steam-powered science;

a fiction where friction is the only source

of electrical spectacles. No reliance

on oil, which would spoil, of course,

an image they need to maintain.

Such fables enable the tales to unfurl

in a Victorian era, when everyone wore

clothes to impress. A dress on a girl

can be flamboyant and flighty, even more –

a little insane.

The men – quite dapper in bowler or top hat,

with walking stick, fob watch and goggles.

An eclectic selection, and in order to top that,

a bright coloured tail coat that boggles

the brain.



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