What’s in a name?

I should have known really that Spring was not yet on the way, despite the wonderful warm sunshine we experienced a few days ago.  It is still February after all and we should be grateful that we are at least not having to clear snow off our driveways or slipping along icy pavements.  As if just to remind us that winter is still in charge, we are about to experience the latest of the winter storms, named Doris.  So far we’ve had Angus, Barbara, Conor and now Doris.  I wonder who has the job of making up the list of names; is it random or is there a logical process in the choice? And what determines the gender?

Apparently the names are attributed when a tropical storm develops and the name is retained if the storm turns into a hurricane. Names can be reused in later years (after six years it seems), except for particularly devastating ones which are retired. It’s almost as if they are living entities. But what’s in a name? A storm by any other name would be just as bad.


Storm Doris blows in

With a retinue of rain.

Trees bend before her.



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